My Uncle Andrew asked “to see a table that matches the reason for the banning to an individual book, and in what countries the book is banned”. I did some digging and look what I found:

What this is, is basically a website that keeps track of [major] book censorship worldwide. Like, extreme cases, like people going crazy and burning books ( If you click on “Archive of Cases” it breaks it down into Dates, Locations, Grounds for Censorship, and Mediums. Quite interesting.

Also, I found This website it basically an ad for the 4 volumes in the Banned Books: Censorship Histories of World Literature series, which include
Banned Books: Literature Suppressed on Political Grounds, on Religious Grounds, on Sexual Grounds, and on Social Grounds
(all seperate books). The website also includes 112 Banned Books, the Bible being #1. I also found, which helps you find books in libraries all around. The current setting is for Banned Books: Literature Suppressed on on Religious Grounds.

Neat-o stuff. Check it out! And also check out SICKO, by Michael Moore, it was tres tres TRES bien!