You gotta love that. Green graffiti. But of course, now it’s a crime in some places. Governments take all the fun out of life :)

Someone made a comment on that article that really resonated with me:

“I have come to the conclusion that if we can be completely bombarded with images and words through advertising- then we might as well say what we want as well. Hearing the voice of the public is important and keeps a community alive.”

There’s a more specific article from NPR about Moose (which is my hermit crab’s name! :) )

I think that street art should be legalized, meaning makeing public property really public property – i.e. not tagging someone’s car, but abandoned buildings, sidewalks, your own house, other people’s houses if they allow, highways, overpasses, any form of concrete barrier! Also, no more hassling for street music and street performance. Communities should encourage free art for the public and not only for those who can afford it. (Check this out- It’s from the Defenestrator, an anarchist newspaper from Philly How can this be happening? People arrested for singing?!) I also think that drugs should not necessarily be legalized (this allows some businesses to capitalize) but have a minimal involvement stance on the use of plants that people use as drugs, except when there is a massive drug deal going on or someone has over a certain amount (like the way they handle it in the Netherlands!) Our government should treat drug addiction as a medical problem first and not a misdemeanor. Many people don’t get treatment because they are afraid of getting arrested-hello! My mom worked in the city as a first grade teacher. More than half her kid’s parents were on drugs. Lastly, abortion must remain legal, but we should develop better, less invasive forms of contraceptives, make it inexpensive/free and easily accessible to those who need it. That would just be the start, but ya know.