I have a longer second toe on my right foot vs. all the other toes I have on that foot. However, on my left foot my second toe is the same length as my big toe and the rest get shorter as you go down. Supposedly, the longer second toe is a sign of a dominant female! But honestly, I like this idea much better: If you look closely at a few of Michelangelo’s works, “you’ll notice that the 2nd toe on each foot is longer than the first. He stole this idea from the ancient Greeks who saw the long 2nd toe as an attribute of the gods. Ever since then, the toe has popped up (or out as the case may be) in various artworks as a sign of royalty, beauty, and intelligence.” Mmmhmm, I like that idea very much :)

[Emphasis added]
I’m sorry, I lost the source for the quote..