So I went to Yahoo! and right on the home page, and all I see is, CONTROVERSY OVER GOLDEN COMPASS MOVIE!!!!!!! WATCH FIRST 5 MINUTES – SEE WHAT YOU THINK! plastered all over the front (not really, I’m exaggerating people).

So of course, I have to watch it. Movie Link. Right off the bat, not even a minute in – the narrator says, “There are many universes” WHAT!!! Did these people not take English class??? Anyway, the movie clip goes on. Then BAM! You can’t talk about dust! What!! A whole field of study, gone! All the history learned, all the other fields of study that rely on the study of rocks and such, all the economic opportunities created from geology, gone. Craziness… Plus, she, the main character, says something along the lines of “Stop! If you value your life you will not go any further“, yet she backs up, allowing the person she’s talking to move closer. Strange little movie, if you ask me.

Really though, the controversy is the Christians/Catholics are pissed (so what else is new?) because they’re being depicted as evil villians (again, I ask what else is new?). “Evil in Pullman’s books [The ones The Golden Compass is based on] is represented by the church, called the Magisterium, whose acolytes kidnap orphans across England to subject them to horrible experiments in the frozen northern wastelands.” ( What do they want, an Index of Banned Media?? Eh, forget them, they didn’t like A Wrinkle in Time or Bridge to Terabithia either. Weirdos.