Identifying yourself: In the state of Maryland you are NOT required to identify yourself in a simple street stop like this. The boy was clearly not “suspicious” or looked like he was involved in crime, so he was not required to identify himself, although stating your name and address could be beneficial depending on the situation. And, while being rude to cops may be stupid, it isn’t a crime, so watch out for police who threaten you with violence if you let something slip. Check the above post for more information.

If you find yourself in this above situation:

-Keep quiet. Say “I’m going to remain silent and I would like to see my lawyer”, and then SHUT UP! Remember, if you say ANYTHING after you say you’re going to remain silent, your cone of protection is nullified and you can be questioned as much as the cops see fit.
-If you feel you’re not allowed to leave, politely ask, “Am I free to go?” and/or “Am I being detained?”. Depending on the answer, decide whether to walk away CALMLY, or to remain silent. If you are being detained, ask for your lawyer, and then shut up.
-If the police ever use physical force, DO NOT RESIST. Simply touching a police officer could be called assault on an officer.
-As soon as possible write down everything that happened. Write names, faces, places, any and every detail you can remember of what was done and said. This can help you file a police misconduct report and possibly help you with your case if you were charged.

Whenever in a police encounter, remember these three phrases:

“Officer, am I free to go?”
“I do not consent to this search”
“I am going to remain silent, and I would like to see a lawyer”

Officer Rivieri is currently on paid suspension pending an investigation.