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My name is Dakota, and I am 17 years old. I have very liberal political tendancies and I love staying active in creating positive changes in our community, country, government, and world. I don’t really know if there is a god(s) or not, I’m not big on religion/rituals. I am NOT athiest/agnostic- I just don’t care. If anything I’m Sleepist- I love sleeping! Anyway, I started and was the President of my old high school’s Gay-Straight Alliance in the 2006-2007 school year. Because I transferred to a different school, I currently hold a Co-Vice President position in that GSA. When I was 10 I chose to become a vegetarian. I try to limit my intake of eggs, dairy products and conventionally grown and/or processed products, preferring to consume organic and natural products. But, lazy is my middle name, so that whole “trying not to consume processed foods” thing doesn’t always work out :)

I love watching movies but not tv (althought DVR or whatever is the coolest), reading comics, body modifications, dumpster diving, thrifting, sewing, cooking and building things. I love graffiti, gaming (im old skol yo), rock climbing, dirt biking, yoga, riding my bicycle, and taking public transportation, even though it sucks around Bmore. I love science, motorcycles, hybrids, reading and writing zines and books, and learning. In fact, I love school. How many kids you know can say that with a straight face?

This is my most favorite picture of all time (well, right now that is):

Pale Blue Dot

That little tiny white/blue dot is Earth, our home! I love this picture because it makes me feel so insignificant. I mean, yeah, our problems on Earth are very real, and effect us every day, but they’re nothing compared to the cosmos.

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And what kind of person is that who wants to hurt poor, helpless animals like these? I don’t get it! They’re so cute!