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Want to know how to write a letter to your representatives? It’s easier than you think! Click here to learn how!

Here is a list of ways to raise public awareness and change policies. Do as much as you can! You can make a difference!

Write Personalized Letters to your Elected Officials
Find out who are and how to contact your representatives here. Write to them about problems in your country, and what legislation they should/should not approve. (If you want to contact your representatives about problems in your local community, contact members of your local government). There are many sites you can sign up with that will e-mail you Action Alerts, that offer you easy ways to
communicate with your elected officials and members of the current Administration. These are the organizations I’ve signed up with:

(They are AWESOME!!)
PETA (even though I don’t agree with everything they do, they send out good action alerts)
Humane Society of the US
Amnesty International
CARE (Help out the poor! They get ignored so much. Many people feel that they have no responsibility for others especially the poor. Like ‘Why should I do anything for those less fortunate’. Ridiculous!)
NOW (They send out excellent info- even if you’re not female! I’ve received tons of action alerts on stem cell research bills, which are really important to pass! But with our current Admin. it’s hard to pass.)
HRC (The HRC is awesome, and very into LGBT rights)

Call your Elected Representatives
In addition to writing your elected representatives, you can also call them and let them know where you stand on the issues. Find out how to contact your represenatives here and for help on figuring out what to say, click here.

Tell a friend (or ten)/Get involved!
You can encourage friends, families and others to become active about issues they care about! T
alk to people about the issue as you go about your daily life. By talking to people (whether strangers or family members) about the issues you are raising awareness and motivating them to get more involved. There might be several like-minded groups of people in your local area- so volunteer or start a group addressing a certain issue. Join an online forum focused on advocacy and activism or a certain issue you feel strongly about.

Table at Events
You can set up a table at public events and provide information on the issue. This is also a great chance to meet like-minded people, talk to them about their concerns and coordinate.

Distribute Flyers and Put up Posters
You can print out materials and distribute them to friends and the public in order to raise awareness about issues. I would recommend using wheatpaste! Not really, but you know.. ;)

Write a Letter to the Editor
You can write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper and express your opinion about issues that are being covered (or are noticeably absent). Your letter might very well be printed in the “Letters to the Editor” section, which is the second-most read feature in a newspaper. For help on writing a letter to the editor, click here.

Meet with your Elected Representatives
You can meet with elected officials or their representatives and tell them what you think about a certain issue or bill, and to try to get him or her to take action on that issue.
To help you with local meetings, the ACLU has prepared a section on “Meeting Your Elected Representative“.

Join a Demonstration
All across the country people are showing their disapproval of government policies by peacefully demonstrating. You can join these gatherings and add your voice. Sign up for action alerts and stay up to date with organizations that address issues you’re concerned about. Or make your own!

You can vote for candidates who share your belief in a safe and free society. To find out a candidate’s voting record, visit the ACLU’s
National Freedom Scorecard.

Start a Letter-Writing Campaign
Recruit friends and others to write letters to Members of Congress and the State House/Senate on key issues. Click here for assistance on writing letters.

Organize a public event
You can organize public events (such as rallies, speaking forums, town hall meetings, and concerts) to raise awareness about the issues and perhaps even raise funds. By gathering interesting speakers and cool activities (music, dancing, etc.), you not only recruit new members, but you may also get media attention.

Many ACLU affiliates rely on volunteers. By volunteering you are not only contributing significantly to the work that needs to be done, you also develop great experience and gain tremendous knowledge about the issues. You can find the affiliate in your area by clicking

Get a Resolution Passed in Your Community
Many communities around the country have passed resolutions indicating their commitment to defend civil liberties. These resolutions show politicians at all levels believe that civil liberties must be preserved and that it is possible to be both safe and free. You can
learn more about these resolutions or sign up to get more information about how to pass a resolution in your community.

Become an Effective and Efficient Activist
Be as effective as you can- learn new skills or hone existing skill. You are more likely to have an impact and achieve the results you desire if you do so. For example, if you learn how to get a letter to the editor published before sitting down and writing one, you are more likely to get it published!
Amnesty International
My own experiences!