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Here’s a list of companies/products that I know of and use that are all natural/organic, and animal products/testing free. We (my family, and I) are currently using up our old, icky chemical laden products, and replacing them with nice clean ones:

Jason Natural– I currently use their Lavender deorderant and Rosewater face/handwash.
Burt’s Bees– Be careful with these guys, they’re not always 100% natural, but they clearly state how much of their product is on their “natural bar”. According to their website, they strive to produce products that are 95-100% natural, but their products average 99% natural with half being 100%! Great eh? Keep in mind that Burt’s Bees uses animal derived products, but they do not perform product or ingredient tests on animals.
Seventh Generation– I LOVE their products! We use their tissues and laundry detergent. I’ve heard there are dryer sheets you can put into the paper recycling bin, so we’re on the look out for those, but we’re not sure if they’re 7th Gen.