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My Uncle Andrew asked “to see a table that matches the reason for the banning to an individual book, and in what countries the book is banned”. I did some digging and look what I found:

What this is, is basically a website that keeps track of [major] book censorship worldwide. Like, extreme cases, like people going crazy and burning books ( If you click on “Archive of Cases” it breaks it down into Dates, Locations, Grounds for Censorship, and Mediums. Quite interesting.

Also, I found This website it basically an ad for the 4 volumes in the Banned Books: Censorship Histories of World Literature series, which include
Banned Books: Literature Suppressed on Political Grounds, on Religious Grounds, on Sexual Grounds, and on Social Grounds
(all seperate books). The website also includes 112 Banned Books, the Bible being #1. I also found, which helps you find books in libraries all around. The current setting is for Banned Books: Literature Suppressed on on Religious Grounds.

Neat-o stuff. Check it out! And also check out SICKO, by Michael Moore, it was tres tres TRES bien!


It’s a while off, but just keep it in mind: Banned Books Week is September 29 through October 6 of this year (2007). Check out 100 Most Frequently Banned Books (1990-2000) to help you build up your to-read banned book list. You’d be surprised what’s on there. A Wrinkle In Time?? The Giver?? Captain Underpants?? Where’s Waldo?? C’mon people!!

As we all are recovering from Pride weekend, we need to keep planning for this summer! This list includes general protest dates, as well as new plays starting at the Spotlighters (my fav.!), an opening of a womyn’s bookstore, and my own personal reminders.

June 8-July 1 – Fat Pig is playing ay the Spotlighters –
June 23 – Pile of Craft! A wonderful craft festival going on down in Charles Village. Check out for more info!
June 26 – Rally to protect our rights, restor habeus corpus, due process rights, and end torture! See you there –
July 2 – My test results are ready- I think getting tested for STIs should be like voting: you get a little sticker and you can speak out proud about it!
July 20-Aug.12 – Angels in America is at the Spotlighters!
Sept. 1 -The Spiral Dance Womyn’s Center & Bookstore opens! Check out their site for more info-