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[22:35] me: i had the most disturbing dream last night
[22:35] me: i actually died
[22:35] my uncle: what
[22:37] me: well, in my dream you die once, and then you have three hours before you actually die. so i died the first time and my mom was there, and we were hugging and stuff and then she had to go to work. soo she left, and that was fine with me i wasnt bothered, and then i got online onto meebo and was sending my i love yous to everyone for the last time, and then my mom was texting me online, and i sent my last i love you to her and then my computer started shutting down, which was kind of my signal that my life was ending
[22:37] me: so i went to my bed (my actual bed as it is now) and as i was sitting down things started to go black and i died
[22:38] my uncle: woah weird
[22:38] my uncle: did you wake up then?
[22:38] me: no, ill tell you the rest
[22:39] me: then i woke up, and i was still dressed in the same clothes, but i was a ghost and i felt i was a ghost, i felt really spacey. i walked to the kitchen which was ahybrid of my old apart. and janet(my mom’s friend)’s house, where everything was reaallly white
[22:39] me: my mom and caca were there and they were burying a cat, either grey or carly im not sure which
[22:39] my uncle: aww
[22:39] me: and then this veterinarian showed up and started talking about this really nice expensive coffin she stole from some rich person, equivalent to paris hilton
[22:40] my uncle: ugh, please use celebrities that actually matter.
[22:40] me: and then she and i talked for a few minutes, but then i started fading, like no one could see/talk to me anymore, but i was still present, aware of things, and they kept talking about burial preperations and then i woke up
[22:40] me: hehe
[22:41] me: it was so scary though. when i woke up in my bed, i wasnt really sure if it was the ‘reality’ i know now, or if i was in a ghost world, or someone’s bed, like a parallel reality
[22:41] me: i wasnt sure if i was alive or what
[22:41] me: it was so freaky
[22:42] my uncle: yeah totally, I have those waking dream moments sometimes.
[22:42] me: but at least this proves that myth wrong, that if you die in your dreams you die in real life
[22:44] me: but when i was a ghost i felt so guilty for dying and leaving my mom all alone and pregnant
[22:45] my uncle: heh true
[22:45] my uncle: I’m sure I’ve died in dreams before.
[22:45] my uncle: oh you shouldn’t feel guilty. It’s not your job.
[22:46] me: haha
[22:46] me: no i mean cause i worry about her a lot, so i felt guilty for leaving her
[22:47] my uncle: Aww. That’s sweet of you.
[22:47] me: :)