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Today is World AIDS Day. Check out the following websites to see what you can do to stop with epidemic. Click on the “heading” link, as well as the article link, because it will lead to that website’s section on AIDS. – their website is filled with all sorts of information, and even has an article about how our government is trying to stop our efforts to end the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. – filled with great ideas on how you can get involved. – had a whole newflash on World AIDS Day. Here’s an article about the number of young Americans contracting HIV/AIDS is on the rise. There’s also another article about China, and their AIDS problem.

The most important website I’ve found, was They sent out this amazing e-mail to those on their mailing list about World AIDS Day. They recommend that you “take a moment to honor those who have list their lives to this devastating disease by taking action.” We need to tell our legislators to invest in the wide variety of sectors that play a role in stopping the spead of HIV- including food security, microfinance, reproductive health and education. They need to focus on women in developing countries who are particulary vulnerable to HIV – those who are less able to negotiate sexual relations and victims of sexual violence and they need to allocate sufficient funds to comprehensive prevention efforts, and remove policy and budget restrictions such as the “abstinence-until-marriage” crap.

In 2003, the United States launched the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). This initiative has led to substantial increases in the total number of people receiving AIDS treatment, care, and HIV prevention information. The leadership demonstrated by PEPFAR has contributed significantly to the fight against AIDS globally but much more needs to be done. The current PEPFAR legislation is set to expire in 2008, and Congress soon will be hard at work authorizing a new bill, so please write your legislators today and tell them to support programs that address the social, economic and cultural reasons that make people vulnerable to HIV, not just programs that address the health dimension alone. Check out CARE‘s TAKE ACTION ON AIDS page and send a letter to your legislators today.

If you want to contact your legislators on your own, go to and enter your zip code into the appropriate box. They will list all your representatives from your country’s President to your state’s House of Delegates members and if you click on the person’s name, how to contact them. I prefer e-mailing or calling my representatives rather than hand writing a letter, but if you have a personal story to go along with your letter, I think hand writing would be the best way.